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Buy slivered, salted & roasted walnuts online

If you know your nuts, then you'll know that walnuts are at the upper end of the price spectrum for nuts. Walnuts are in fact so incredible, they're even sometimes considered to be a status symbol in China.

The most distinctive characteristic of the walnut is its super hard shell. The hardness of the shell and the size are factors in why these nuts are used in traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate circulation. Not by consuming the nuts, but by rolling and squeezing the uncracked shells in the hand.

Walnuts are also used in traditional western folk medicine as well, mainly as an ingredient in Bach flower remedies. The Chinese medicine is scientifically effective, however there is no concrete scientific evidence as to the efficacy of the Bach flower remedies.

Eating walnuts

Opening a walnut requires a special walnut cracking tool. The goal is to get to the soft delicious walnut kernels inside. The wonderful taste and texture of these kernels makes them highly desired.

Many people enjoy the feeling of cracking open fresh walnuts so much that this is the main way they are consumed for snacking. Commercially pre-packaged salted walnuts are also available as a snack food.

For cooking, it's generally preferred by most to use unsalted walnut kernels or slivered walnuts.

Even more rare, and often a little more expensive, you can find roasted walnuts. When the kernels are roasted, they become a bit more dry, more firm, and more intense.

Nutrition and health benefits of Walnuts

Walnut kernels have a relatively high fat content. This is partly what makes them so flavoursome.

The health benefits of walnuts are simply amazing:

  • Helps fight cancer – research studies have shown that walnuts may have the ability to reduce the size of tumours in prostate cancer, breast cancer, and possibly some other cancers.
  • Keeps your heart healthy – walnuts contain L-Arginine, an amino acid used in the formation of nitric oxide, which helps relieve high blood pressure and reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease.
  • May help reverse erectile dysfunction – that same amino acid, L-Arginine, and the nitric oxide that results from it, helps to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Studies also indicate walnuts can help improve male fertility.
  • Attacks free radicals – walnuts contain high levels of anti-oxidants, so they'll bind to free radicals and neutralize them. Free radicals can cause a lot of harm, including increasing the risk of cancer, damaging DNA, and harming the liver.
  • Keeps your brain healthy – walnuts have the right combination of vitamins and minerals to support brain health, and some evidence suggests they may help reduce oxidative stress and delay or reverse memory loss.
  • Helps regulate metabolism – good news for dieters and diabetics, because eating a serve of about 75g of walnuts per day helps regulate insulin levels, control hunger pangs, and improve metabolic health.

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