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In fact, if you’ve never had the experience of buying pine nuts online before, we want to show you just how easy and convenient it can be.

While we pride ourselves on the fact that we have pine nuts for sale cheap, that doesn’t mean to say that our pine nuts are of inferior quality. In fact, we only ever supply top quality pine nuts to our customers, whether they’re organic pine nuts or Natural pine nuts.

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Roasted Pine Nuts Online

Our fresh raw pine nuts have a delicate sweet and nutty flavour. While they’re perfect for blending with basil and olive oil to make a traditional creamy pesto sauce, they can also be used to bake cookies.

When toasted, they add a nutty crunch to a variety of dishes from salads through to granolas. Of course, while roasted pine nuts are truly a taste sensation, raw pine nuts also make a nutritious and quick snack, to give you some extra fibre and protein when you’re on the move.

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Pine nuts are very strongly flavoured, so they're normally used in cooking rather than as a snack. Cooking them does take the edge off the intensity slightly, though they're normally used in foods that have ingredients of equal intensity.

How pine nuts are used

The most classic example is pesto concentrato, where the authentic recipe is made from olive oil, basil, and slivered pine nuts. Variations have been created over the years that may also feature sun dried tomatoes, soft cheese, and even bell peppers.

These ingredients have strong flavours, and the olive oil helps to bring out that intensity. The pine nuts in pesto not only add flavour, but texture as well. It is frankly impossible to make good pesto without pine nuts.

It doesn't matter if you use blanched pine nuts or if you use roasted pine nuts, though the latter will tend to increase the flavour concentration due to moisture loss.

For snacking, you'll probably want salted pine nuts, because the salt does help to round off the sharper edges of the flavour profile.

In a nut mix, pine nuts will add a little extra dimension. That sharper little kick will stand out among the more bland nut varieties, helping to make things more interesting without completely overpowering.

Nutritional value of pine nuts

Pine nuts are mostly used for flavour and texture, rather than their nutritive value, but even so, it is worth noting that 100g of pine nuts contains a whopping 419 percent of the recommended dietary intake of manganese, and also has high levels of phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, plus vitamins E and K.

Pine nut oil

Pine nuts have a lower saturated fat content than many other nuts, making their oil especially prized for its health benefits. Contrary to what you may expect, given that pine nuts have such a strong flavour, the oil they produce is quite mild in taste.

This oil is good as a substitute for margarine or butter on toast, as an ingredient in salad dressing (best paired with stronger flavours such as vinegar, onion, or garlic), or for cooking with.

A double-blind placebo controlled study found that a trademarked blend of Korean pine nut oil had appetite suppressing effects. This could indicate that, if used in moderation, this oil might aid in weight loss programs.

Buying pine nuts

Most commercially sold pine nuts are sold already shelled for convenience. If you buy unshelled pine nuts, they will keep for a longer time. It's usually best to buy them just before you plan to use them.

For the best value, buy pine nuts online from Super Nuts. You will get high quality pine nuts at a decent price, and they'll be fresher and tastier than the average store-bought pine nuts.

Slivered Pine Nuts Online

We’ve made our online nut store THE place to buy pine nuts online and we offer one of the best and cheapest selections of pine nuts for sale in NSW. If you’d like to know more about any aspect of our business, from the source of our nuts to our terms for purchasing nuts in bulk, please get in touch by sending us an email.

Our customer focused staff are on hand to answer your queries, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you as a new customer very soon.

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