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Beloved by Australians all over the world, raw Macadamia nuts have a long history of providing sustenance to the natives of this land. With their pleasant, mellow flavour they work well on their own, or when used as confectionary items or in baked goods. Read more…

Their flavour and texture also works well in savoury dishes, so it’s no wonder that Macadamias are loved for both their delicious buttery taste and the health benefits that they bring.

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If you plan to buy macadamias online, no doubt you’ll already know how versatile they are. Their sweet flavour and creamy texture makes them ideal for a variety of dishes, from classic desserts and biscuits through to savoury dishes.

For sweet confections, Raw macadamias can be used with chocolate, banana or coconut, and work particularly well for making cookies and other small treats. If left whole, the macadamia will supply a satisfying crunch to any biscuit, dessert or savoury dish.

One of the best ways to eat macadamia nuts is simply to enjoy them as they are as a nutritious snack, just as the first people of Australia did all that time ago.However, if the raw nut alone isn’t exciting enough, we do offer a range of flavoured and roasted macadamias, from our basic salted macadamias through to honey roasted versions. Our dry roasted macadamia nuts are particularly popular. Not only are they loaded with healthy fats and fibre but they also have a natural nutty flavour that’s very distinctive.

For lovers of honey-roasted nuts, our honey roasted macadamia nuts are an extra delicious treat.

Our honey macadamias have an unbeatable flavour, and are packed when they’re freshly roasted to ensure maximum taste. They’re also available in several pack sizes, so that you can choose the quantity that best suits your needs.

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For the ultimate sweet treat, you should try our chocolate macadamias. We take the largest macadamia kernels and coat them in the smoothest and richest chocolate, making them an extra-special experience for anyone with a sweet tooth.

In fact, we’d go as far as to say that our chocolate macadamia nuts are an indulgence you won’t want to miss. If you prefer white chocolate, you may want to order our white chocolate macadamia nuts instead.

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Macadamias are Australia's own contribution to the world of edible nuts, and being uniquely Australian (due to having evolved here, in isolation from the rest of the world), they're different in many ways from other nuts.

Despite being native to Australia, macadamia production in South Africa has now overtaken Australian macadamia production, putting Australia in second place. A handful of other countries with suitable climates are now also growing macadamias.

Macadamias are special

Macadamias are large in comparison to most nuts and have a high fat content that gives them a soft buttery texture.

This makes them sought after by bakers and they're a key ingredient in many different kinds of cookies, cakes, and slices. There is even macadamia bread available. Macadamia ice cream is also popular.

Products containing macadamias are often served on international flights to and from Australia, especially on Australia's own airlines. They may also sometimes be served on domestic flights.

It's important for Australians to only consume commercially grown macadamias. This is because there are only a few species of macadamias that can be eaten. If you find a macadamia tree growing somewhere, or even if you grow your own, you should not attempt to eat the nuts without expert botanical identification.

Choose the right macadamias for the occasion

The most buttery and soft texture will be obtained from raw macadamias. These are exactly as nature intended, and are really one of the easiest nuts to eat raw. Even those with bad teeth can usually still enjoy macadamias.

For a more robust flavour profile, consider roasted macadamias. These are a little more intense than raw macadamias, and tend to be just a little firmer as well.

If you find the flavour too subtle, even with roasted macadamias, then you'll want to buy salted macadamias if you're using them for snacking.

You should always try to buy macadamia nuts that are best suited to whatever purpose you are going to use them for.

As an example, for baking and ice cream making, it is usually best to use slivered macadamias, because they're just easier to work with. It is true, however, that some commercial ice cream brands prefer to use whole macadamias because they give a more aesthetic appearance.

Perfect for making home-pressed macadamia oil

Macadamia nuts are a perfect choice for those who like to cold press their own oil at home, and macadamias will give you the best yield of any nut available. Fabulous as a salad dressing, top notch for cooking, and makes a fairly interesting massage oil as well. All those nutrients can give your skin a healthy revitalization.

You'll always get the best deal if you buy macadamias online from Super Nuts. We have only top quality macadamias in every category, so you can buy with confidence that you'll be getting fresh and tasty macadamias when you get them from us.

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To order any of our selection of dry macadamia nuts, whether you want the raw kernels or you’ve been tempted to try our chocolate covered macadamia nuts; simply complete our online order form.

We’re an Australian family-owned business and we pride ourselves on providing you with the best selection of nuts at the best prices in the quickest time possible. If you’d like to find out more about our wholesale nut supplies, send us an email.

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